Legal Services for Wineries & Vineyards

“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” - Benjamin Franklin.  Wine law and vagaries of running a winery are complex, full bodied, and if not handled properly can turn to vinegar.  Just like a fine wine, putting off the legal side of the equation “for later” sours the business.  Our wine law team knows more than trademark and business law, we have commercial leasing experts, ABC and local zoning lawyers, and lawyers who have run wineries and know the business side as well as the legal side of running a winery.  From label law (COLA), to custom crush and grape contracts DBL knows a Merlot from a Viognier.


Start-ups are exciting and we could be more excited for a new winery, vineyard or wine shop.  In almost every case they face similar challenges:

  • Who are your partners, who owns the company?

  • What is your deal with them?

  • What happens if one of you is hit by a bus?

  • What is your brand or your label?

  • What permits and licenses do I need?

  • What property am I leasing?

  • Etc. . .

This list is long and we have one you can use to track filings, properties, contacts, to do lists and partners.  Ask about getting our Start-up Checklist for the wine industry during a consultation with one of our lawyers.

Wine glass of white wine chardonnay at winery on countertop with blurred background
Empty dusty green wine bottles

Existing Businesses

One of the best things about making wine, after the taste of the end product, is that sometimes, if you are lucky, you can actually make money doing something you love.  Existing wineries and vineyards have often gone it alone, or worked with a friendly lawyer who does not really have intellectual property experience, or export experience, or maybe can’t help with a TTB issue.  In this day of much less government you need a law firm that has connections and knows the system.  From contracts and export, over trademarks and COLA to litigation and negotiation of disputes with partners or third parties, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is your go-to one law firm.

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