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The TTB regulates  alcohol.  Beer, wine and liquor makers are all subject to and must comply with these regulations enforced by the TTB under the provisions of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA Act) “to ensure that only qualified persons engage in the alcohol beverage industry.” DBL knows the TTB and has has successfully handled issues of alcohol production, importation, wholesale businesses, alcohol labeling, and advertising.

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With six experienced trademark attorneys on staff, and four of the current examining attorneys at the USPTO alumna of our law firm, we know the USPTO like no other.  From trademark applications and office actions to third party trademark oppositions, we have battled and won against the biggest, meanest international brands for our brewery, winery and liquor clients.  On the flip side, when some joker steps up and steals your logo and brand, we can shut it down.  Call us now.

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Local Alcoholic Beverage Control laws vary widely from state to state.  Many breweries, wineries, and distilleries make the mistake of having to find a different law firm in each state they want to distribute in.  In this day and age of a global and national economy where you can buy and sell alcohol on the web, you need expert advice with lawyers who have researched and managed these multi-state issues at the national, state, and local levels in almost every state in the United States.

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A lot of “alcohol specialty” law firms will handle your lease.  Good idea?  Do you want your divorce lawyer filing your trademark?  No.  The answer is obviously no.  We have a specialized commercial leasing team.  They don;t file trademarks or deal with the TTB, they deal with commercial leasing, and they crush their enemies (your potential landlord).


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That pesky COLA is not fizzy goodness, but rather, it is a certificate of label appropriateness.  Under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act your alcohol must comply or you can get fined and shut down.  Our lawyers routinely not only handle these issues for clients, but actually teach other lawyers about COLA requirements.


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Often overlooked in an industry that, at least of the surface, seems friendly, having a good independent contractor and agreement and employment agreement is paramount to preserving the ongoing value of things like trade secrets (recipes and ingredients), and protecting your business by contract from getting bad mouthed by a former a employee or contractor if the relationship goes south.

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Contracts should be more than just a handshake.  While it sounds cool when two bearded brewers shake hands on collaboration, or you and your long-time friends decide you all love wine and need to open a winery and your toast the plan, these joyful, sometimes alcohol induced Demetria moments lead to expensive litigation.  Negotiate, sign the papers, then drink.  We will get that done for you.  Contracts also include contract brewing, custom crush agreements, website sales agreements, distribution agreements and a host of other things you need to sign.


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