Legal Services for Liquor Distilleries

“There are only two ways to get ahead today - sell liquor, or drink it.” W.C. Fields.  Distilling has become a haven for new and exciting flavors of vodka, experimental whiskey, and American rum to name a few.  Prohibition-era door busting is long gone, but the regulators and strict requirements for reporting and managing distillation and liquor sales have not.  We are a team that you can trust to keep the moonshine flowing in any state in the Union (except perhaps Utah).  We know liquor takes time and precision and big fancy flames and boiling.  We also know you don’t have the time to figure out trademarks, deal with the TTB and still make good booze.  Call us and let us handle the tricky stuff.


Talk about a minefield.  Liquor startups face a unique set of challenges regulations, and frankly, prejudices, more so than the more mature industries of wine and beer.  We have weathered these storms and can help your distillery get off the ground.  Ask about our resources and what goes into your agreement with your partners.  Call us today.

Ice buckets of wine and beer in bar on bar countertop
Full bar with stocked liquor cabinet at dive bar

Existing Businesses

Once the barrels are full and bottles are filled it’s time to sit back and watch the money roll in, right?  Hah!  If only.  You know that success breeds more work and expanding the empire takes talent, forethought and planning.  Our liquor lawyers love law (and alliteration).  Let DBL’s team of expert attorneys and advisors help you solve problems and keep the whiskey flowing.

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