Legal Services for Breweries

“Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.” Kinky Friedman.  Our lawyers have helped some of the largest regional breweries negotiate and manage everything.  Literally, everything.  From day one, with figuring out how to find money and what to buy, and what needs to be in a brewery business plan, to solving disputes with the TTB, disputes with breweries and disputes with shareholders, we have been there, done that.  Our lawyers brew beer, own breweries themselves and more than law take pleasure and joy in helping fellows brewers.


Breweries need a lot of stuff to get started and it’s not cheap. One of the first conversations we have with new brewery start-ups is how to make this happen.  From “friends and family” to crowdfunding for breweries under the new law to venture and Series A rounds our lawyers will guide, advise and connect our startup clients with the right answers and people.

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Existing Businesses

Once you have made it happen - the beer label wars begin.  If you brew a lot, put out seasonal styles and enjoy the art of incorporating the work “Hops” into a new fun beer brand label… you are going to be in a trademark fight with someone.  We can help.  With an incredibly robust trademark team, complemented by decades of trademark experience in the industry, our beer trademark lawyers (is that a thing?), can help.  Likewise, disputes, contracts, and employment issues start to rear their ugly head once your business gets humming.  Sometimes contract brewing is the only way to grow distribution.  We can help.

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