We are lawyers with real world experience for  breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

To get the detailed scoop you have to dig into our biographies. In short, our very experienced lawyers file and deal with more trademark, brand and label disputes in a month than most lawyers see in five years.  With lawyers who have run wineries, own breweries, and have MBAs to back their legal education, real world practical advice saves our winemakers, brewers and distillers real money.

Meet the Team


Tom has started breweries, run wineries and teaches a course on trademark and label laws and practical issues to Virginia lawyers and winemakers.

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Cortland is a master of all things licensing, from the TTB to state ABCs, he has handled regulatory matters in almost every state.

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A longtime brewer in his own right, David helps clients with trademark and copyright issues.

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Mary has handled hundreds of trademarks from start to finish and is well versed in wine, liquor and brewery issues.

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Kristin is a bilingual powerhouse and has worked in all aspects of winery, brewery and distillery law.

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