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We can answer the hard questions.

You make sell or distribute the finest wine, the best beer, and the most refined liquor.  That is what should should do and what you do best.  Our legal team should take the headache of liquor licensing, ABC, trademark, branding, labels, leasing and contracts off your plate.  This is what we do best.  Unlike every other lawyer you may have dealt with we are also incredibly comfortable explaining “why” and “how” in as much or as little detail as you can stomach.  In our view an educated client is the best kind.  With offices in Vienna, Richmond, Leesburg, DC, New York, Atlanta, Tulsa and Los Angeles we have national coverage and a deep experienced bench of attorneys so our firm is never on vacation.  Call us to learn more how our experienced alcohol lawyers can help.


“Creative adaptability is the key to successful conservation. This is a quote about how much we love working with HopsVineGrain.”

Alma Peterson  |  Co-Founder

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Besides a lawyer who likes beer and went to law school, what more could you want?  How about lawyers who own breweries themselves, who have handled  literally hundreds of label and trademark disputes over the course of decades, who are members of the Brewers Association?  Competence and experience, both practical and legal.

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A lot of people like wine and happen to practice law. We happen to know what were are doing and know the difference. Two of our alcohol team teach the annual “Wine Law” Continuing Legal Education Course to other lawyers.  One has run a winery.  Want a custom crush contract?  We can help you write and negotiate it from an insider's perspective.  

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Liquor is highly regulated and very few lawyers delve into the unique issues that can trouble a distillery. From intake fees to TTB negotiations over label contents to local ordinance and zoning issues, we know the answers.



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